Gary Di Pasquasio, Voice Teacher, Opera Coach, Conductor

A Chinese proverb contends that, if you give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day;
but, if you teach him how to fish, you’ll feed him for life. “I try always to prepare my
charges for the challenges they’ll face upon leaving the studio environment. My method
focuses on mastery of the breath and the mixing of vocal registers through muscular
relaxation. In other words, capitalizing on the inherent wisdom of the vocal mechanism
by getting out of its way and allowing Nature its head. In my teaching I make a concerted
effort to recognize students as individuals and to address every person as an infinite
number of variables that distinguish him/her from his/her peers. I believe that students
should be challenged but never bullied, and I prefer to bolster strengths and to strengthen
weaknesses rather than to rely indiscriminately on a method. That does not preclude
the inculcation of a professional method of work; great talents have been known to lose
their way without one. I aim to make students aware of what they do well, and to teach
them the path to improving areas that are more difficult for them. Part of that is helping
students to become aware of the very personal nature of their instruments. My goal is
always to choose language that enlightens without incurring defensiveness; a defensive
student shuts down while an enlightened student is empowered.

To share one’s passion for this art, to inspire a student to give all that his/her talent can
provide, that, it seems to me, is the ultimate goal of an effective teacher.”

I offer vocal instruction at all levels, specializing in mastery of the breath and the mixing of vocal registers. Available for private lessons after Jan 1, 2012. Serving the Athens and Atlanta, GA areas.

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